Annie Jael Kwan

Independent curator and researcher whose exhibition-making, programming, publication and teaching practice is located at the intersection of contemporary art, art history and cultural activism, with interest in archives, histories, feminist, queer and alternative knowledges, collective practices, and solidarity. As co-director of ‘Something Human’, she has presented live art projects across the UK and Europe, and launched the pioneering ‘Southeast Asia Performance Collection’ (SAPC) at the ‘Live Art Development Agency’ in 2017. She leads ‘Asia-Art-Activism’ (AAA), a research network that explores the proximities of art and activism and is the instigating council member of ‘Asia Forum for the Contemporary Art of Global Asias’. She was the co-editor of ‘Southeast of Now: Directions in Contemporary and Modern Art in Asia’’s guest issue: ‘Archives (2019) and Pathways of Performativity (2022)’.


>Practitheorising Counterinstitutions
>Archives-Institutions as Dissensus
>Art Activism