Abdulkerim Pusat is a refugee academic, researcher and sociologist from Kurdistan and Hestia junior researcher at the Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis (ASCA), where he is part of the IMAGINART group based at the University of Amsterdam (UvA). He received a master’s degree in Secondary Education Teaching in Social Areas, after which he worked as a high school teacher. During this time, he wrote about culture, society, ethics, music, and other topics for various magazines, websites, and newspapers. He has been living in the Netherlands as a refugee since 2016 and has been writing as a Kurdish newspaper and website columnist since 2017.

What follows gives a fuller sense of his work and concerns.

Informal bio

When he was in Turkey, Abdulkerim was a Human Rights activist. He worked on the enforced disappearances that came to stand for the human rights violations of Turkey’s civil war during the 1990s. In addition, he worked with the relatives of those who where disappeared by the Turkish state’s formal and informal security forces. He has participated in producing many reports documenting state human rights violations with the Human Rights Association, Human Rights Foundation, and other NGOs. Because of these human rights activities, the Turkish government fired Abdulkerim.

Abdulkerim is preoccupied by ethical issues. For a long time, he has worked against state and male violence. As Kurdistan is divided into four, whose life is divided into a hundred pieces, and whose personality is fragmented, he also deals with the sociological problem of otherness and identity.