Erick Fowler

Researcher, writer and occasional artist based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Originally from Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA, he obtained his Bachelor of Arts in Digital Culture (Film) from Arizona State University and his Master’s in Art and Performance Research Studies at the Universiteit van Amsterdam.
His research focuses on the intersections of carceral abolition and art institutions. His thesis, Places Known: Abolition, Decolonisation and Cultural Instituting, highlights decolonial action within cultural institutions and its implications for change and abolition in and beyond the cultural and carceral.
Alongside his research, he maintains an artistic practice that explores notions of memorialisation and material repair. To remember what is ongoing and to push for tangible action in the face of atrocities, building sites of memory and reappropriating resources form the core of his practice. Bringing cultural institutions into visible proximity with the social struggles that surround and pervade them, his work rejects the compartmentalisation carried out by instituting and affirms the interconnected nature of struggles for justice and life.




> Practitheorising Counterinstitutions