Wet Hole Group

The Wet Hole curatorial group was founded in 2020 in Kyiv by artists Bogdana Kosmina, Alina Kleytman, and Nikita Kadan. The Wet Hole group created the independent 24/7 open art space Dzherelo in a formal pump house in Kyiv. Dzherelo concentrates on activating the public discussion around the topic of being in the urban space through a series of video-art public shows, performances, experimental electronic music concerts, and lectures. In 2022 Dzherelo went online by publishing a website, archiving and presenting the independent visual and audio scene of Ukraine. The latest manifestation of Dzherelo was a Nomadic program at MeetFactory in Prague. https://dzherelo.online/


>Practitheorising Counterinstitutions
>Art in War
>Art Activism